About Us

Political Science and International Relations Undergraduate Program aims a high level academic and practical education. The following features make the department a privileged education branch:
  • International and German connection
  • Multilingualism
  • Interdisciplinary methodical education
  • Interactive training methods
  • Practical training
TAU's international profile and its connection to the world and Germany is one of the distinguishing features of the department. In addition to innovative and interactive educational methods, students benefit from international academicians who are experts in their fields.
In the interdisciplinary program, besides political science and public administration information, education on neighboring disciplines such as law and business is offered and an excellent application-oriented social science education is provided. The department also provides students with the opportunity to specialize in various fields with different optional modules.
Internship and/or training opportunities in Germany are best supported in order to complement the international management and related course content and to encourage the improvement of students' intercultural skills. The department offers graduates career opportunities in the Turkish and international administrations, in market and political research, in the media, public relations or in companies and associations. 
The ability to analyze international political processes and thus influence them becomes increasingly important not only in international organizations and administrations, but also in a national administration. For this reason, the international dimension is at the center of the educational content, especially in English elective modules.
Post graduate education opportunity is available after graduation. (= The bachelor's degree qualifies the students for a master's degree.). Graduates can apply for the master's degree in European and International Affairs at the TDU or for master's programs at other renowned Turkish, European or US universities. Students who desire will thus be prepared for an academic career. (=In the long term, this will prepare students for an academic career or future doctorate.)

Education Scheme
Undergraduate program consists of 8 semesters including 240 ECTS points. 60 ECTS credit programs are envisaged for each academic year.